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BIOBLISS Awesome Ingredient Profile: Peptides


Peptides are compounds composed of 2 or more amino acids linked together in a chain, and the most common method of producing peptides is by partially breaking down proteins. Peptides can be found naturally, and are made synthetically as well. Synthetic versions tend to be favored for most uses because chemists can control their effectiveness and safety. To give a simple answer about what peptides really are– they are very short chains of protein. Uses of peptides While skin care is the most commonly found use for peptides, there are other uses as well. Peptides

Susan Sarandon is a BIOBLISS Fan– and it Shows!


Take a look at the above photos of the beautiful actress Susan Sarandon– almost impossible to believe that she was born in 1946. That’s right– she is 67 years old and looks totally fabulous! Many women in Hollywood resort to plastic surgery as they age;  Susan has always been a proponent of natural aging, a healthy diet and exercise– and today she looks younger and healthier than many actresses in their 30′s and 40′s. We are so proud to say that she is a BIOBLISS devotee– and it definitely shows in her shiny, line-free face

BIOBLISS for Christmas!


We promised all of our friends old and new that we would put together a giveaway after Thanksgiving; so here it is!  It is pretty straightforward– you simply help us get the word out about BIOBLISS and earn points for each of the different tasks. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!  Just click on the Rafflecopter link below to get started! Rafflecopter giveaway   One lucky winner will receive a prize package valued at $150, and just in time for Christmas. Keep it for yourself or gift it to

Taking Skincare Deeper: Winter Hydration


Wintertime brings cold and blustery weather that can do a number on skin and our faces get it the most, since they are usually exposed to the harsh elements, so give your winter skin care some extra thought and attention.  Uncomfortable dryness is only part of the problem, dry skin can crack, flake and wrinkle much more easily. Luckily, there are some tried and true skin care tips to keep your skin fresh and glowing no matter how frigid it is outside.

BIOBLISS Awesome Ingredients Profile: Hyaluronan


There are dizzying amounts of skincare products available on the market formulated specifically to help with aging skin and wrinkles; it can be pretty hard to figure out which one is better than the next, and why. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about each of the ingredients in our BIOBLISS products and why they are important for your skin. Today, we will talk about hyaluronan AKA hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally throughout our bodies, in connective tissues, joints and in our nervous system. It plays some

Taking Skincare Deeper: The Basics


Many people do not think much at all about anti-aging steps in their younger years– which is obviously a mistake. Sun and smoking damage can begin very early. As we age, it becomes more of a priority to do what we can to look younger longer. This series of tips will help you put together a good plan to keep your face looking as young as you feel– so without hesitation, here is Part 1! Hydrate from the inside: We cannot stress this enough; water is your friend and will help keep your skin smooth

Bringing Back Your Inner Glow

Twins:Lifestyle differences

There has unprecedented growth in cosmetic procedures for everything from wrinkles to hair implants, nose jobs to breast enhancement in the past few years. This growth has been slowed very little by a lackluster economy; in fact there were more than 12 million procedures performed last year, with the most popular being injections of Botox, followed by injections of hyaluronic acid, which many people believe to be a “fountain of youth”. Indeed, in some parts of the country, plastic surgery of all types seems more the norm than the exception. But is there something less

Boston Marathon Explosions: Popping our Innocence Bubble


As almost everyone is aware at this point, some person or group, for some unknown reason, exploded two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday, killing three people and injuring over 140 more. Thankfully, no one in the direct BIOBLISS community was hurt, and we send our best wishes to the team at Salon Beaucage, which is located not 100 yards from the finish line, one block over on Newbury Street. Like many parents last night, my wife and I decided that we needed to proactively discuss the events with our four

Fuel Your Skin From the Inside Out


Ever heard the saying ‘You are what you eat?’ Well these days it’s more important than ever. Green foods, clean foods, less fat, more protein, less alcohol and more water will have you feeling healthy and clean, which brings all types of total body benefits, more specifically skin benefits. We all want to look and feel good. And looking and feeling good is all about the choices we make with our foods. What we need to remember is what we put on our plates is also going to impact our skin. The improvements made in

Lisa James Salon: A New Greater Boston Gold Customer for Biobliss!


LisaJames Salon opened its doors in Wellesley, Massachusetts in 1988 with only two employees – husband and wife team, Lisa and James Mortenson. Twenty four years later, the salon is thriving and a mecca for its discerning clientele who accept nothing less than perfection when it comes to hair styling and color expertise. With continuous training on the latest industry techniques, product lines, and trends, LisaJames Salon is known for it’s leadership in utilizing the newest innovations in the beauty field. As members in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, LisaJames Salon has earned

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